Banjir Jakarta dan Otak kita yang suka kebalik

banjir jakarta

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

18:57 PM


Now Jakarta had heavy raining, floods anywhere, no exception kelapa gading, and i want to share what i am thinking about it with you hope its help your mind and u got many insight

About banjir Jakarta i write it under this post, so if u dont want to read this random things which is what iam thinking about life, skip it and go to below instead

I will write this post in english, just try to improve my english writing skill, so i also will write random things beside the flood

i even dunno whats exactly grammar it is, so sorry for the bad english u will read

We always learn it since elementary school, but somehow i always forgot it

Maybe its because i never like learning in classroom style

Its really boring, waste our money and time

Only if you have good & close friends we will left school life with many happy stories

i do not demeaning education, school is important but not everything

Yes, our score didn’t promising our future will be succeed, even many subjects at our school sucks, not applicative. But the positive things we can get is, its train our character

How we got our score it the most important things, how we get it will become our character that will be what will we do every day and make us us.

How we interact with the others, how we solve a problem, how we say hello and smile, how we communicate with teacher or lecturer, and the others which related that will make us

In this recently day or a few weeks ago i try to learn english with fun things like watching singaporean youtuber vlog or video, cause its really easy for us Indonesian to hear it crystal clear

Its really fun cause you can learning by doing while playing, u got interesting information from youtuber yet u also got english skill

Maybe Indonesia teacher must start teaching by make a youtube videos 🙂 if we want grow to great country, free learning, everybody can access freely, ask and question online

That will save many money and time to take a education so we can focus on get soft skill and the other skills that we really need to survise in this life and world

Somehow in 1 or 2 years i guess, e-learning will beat boring classroom style teaching if our education system didn’t change or follow current development

After i can hear english properly maybe i will upgrade by watching amerian or british youtube, like TED Talk which is really inspiring but there is the language barrier 🙂

The accent you now, just like korean people learn bahasa Indonesia and when he come to Indonesia he hear Indonesia people talking with javanese accent

Its takes time to get used to with it

English is really important thing, in this millenial age, if we can’t talk english, good bye

You can’t compete with the other

Even small child playing around in front of my house can speak english very well

So sad, when we Indonesia people want to learn english, pratice it everyday but other people even our friend told us we are arrogant

Sometimes we need to close our ear, our friend told us like that because he/she didn’t want to grow

And we want to grow, so what? don’t care with what are they talking about, you will prove it later ur english are usefull and left them behind if they still didn’t want to grow

Grow or vanish?

Like often we hear about

Its strange if we hear what other people say about us while we doing the right things and that make us stop doing it

We the one have the big dreams, if we didn’t fight for our dreams, who will do it for us?

Your friend? no way, its our responsibility

I love sport, gym and i met many philiphines people at the gym, they work in Jakarta, and their english is really great

If we do nothing to our life, we also got nothing, and we will defeated by other country


Now, back to our topic is about Banjir Jakarta

Everytime there is accident in Indonesia there will be may meme created by warganet

Its bad for us to laugh at other people sadness, but somehow its really funny and we can’t lie about it

From hashtag pray for . . meme which like we support to give hope to the other, until sarcastic meme that can become really funny or annoying, and the worst is hoax that many people dont want it but when they see it they loved it and share it with pride

In social media many people will protest and blame other person, as if they take full responsibility of the accident

Its weird u know, like this Jakarta flood

Many people will blame the goverment, the governor

Without seeing him self

That why i say our brain like to upside down

Our tendention as human is to blame, protest, blame, protest

Maybe we are smart and highly intellectual, but without concrete solution, our wisdom is nothing, useless

So keep our mouth shut, think about the solution instead of only critizing

What ever u say, or comment on social media will doing nothing with out real action

Action always speak louder than words

Instead of annoying people with our words on social media

Do something usefull

Its okay, we can comment but use kind comment that bless other people

Not surprisingly Instagram a few months ago make a word wide instagram meet with the theme is kind comments

In Jakarta its held on Balai Kota WWIM16Jakarta on 11 september if i not wrong

For me kind comments its very important because when you make a creation and got a small appreciation but positive, its like got a new energy to make the next creation

Thus be creative and mind attitude on social media, it can bring ourself and life up or down

Also only a single person as governer can’t make Jakarta not flood again him self, Its us

Small things but impactful, just no throwing garbage carelessly will make a big different

Small things maybe and we often hear about it and still so hard to pratice it, but if it doing these thing daily and become our character by a large group, ofcourse it will bring a great impact to the city

In fact we know what we must do in every situasion, but we like to keep denying it cause we live in our comfort zone, to lazy to move and do the right things.

I hope this post will be our reminder for what exactly should we do

So keep our mouth shut, think the solution and give it in comments below

These best comments i will use it for the next post, solution for Banjir Jakarta by netizen

Hope u got many insight from this post, so don’t forget give your comment below and share it to your friends so they can give their solution too

See u in the next post!

Have a nice day

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